Selling Your Home

Things to Do When Selling (Tips and Tricks)


The Home Selling Process

Pre-Listing Preparation

  1. Schedule a tour of your home with Integrity Homes RE Group.
  2. Discuss your favorites parts of your home and review any potential repairs, upgrades or staging to be completed before listing your home, if any. 
  3. Discuss your goal in selling and Establish an asking price based on the current market and comparable property listings. 
  4. Prepare your home to be photographed and put on the market.

Pricing Your Home to Sell

Our Pricing Strategy

The market value of your home is based on a combination of factors including:

  • The Current Market
  • Comparable Listings
  • Location
  • Neighborhood
  • Age of the Home
  • Condition of the Home
  • Improvements

Pricing strategy and Agent Representation plays a key role in the home selling process, and can mean the difference between selling right away or sitting on the market for months.


**It's important to understand that the amount you want for your home may not be a realistic price for the market, and the amount of money you have spent on it does not determine the market value.**


What's your property worth?


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